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Welcome to my webpage.  As you can see by this picture of my desk I like to collect and sometimes part with toys and watches.  If there is something you really want let me know and I’ll look for it.  I like searching for lost treasures. Living here in central New Jersey gives me lots of places to look.
If you are wondering what the kj2d stands for, it is my Amateur Radio (extra class) call sign. I was first licensed back in 1968. Out of the many different types of modes of transmission that I can use, my favorite is still the International Morse Code. I have confirmed contacts with well over 100 countries, and all 7 continents.  I’ve even talked to a Russian Cosmonaut working on the Mir space station.  I am a certified volunteer examiner for the FCC thru the American Radio Relay League.
Other hobbies include entering sweepstakes.  Over the last few decades I have won over 400 prizes including two automobiles.
I started my teaching career in 1973-4 as a third grade teacher at Chesterfield Elementary School. I then moved on to teaching in the elementary grades at P.J. Hill, Jefferson, and Grant Elementary Schools in Trenton, New Jersey before finally teaching Pre-School Disabled, Pre-K, K-8th grade computer technology classes at Grant School and for 21 out of 22 summers I worked at Rambling Pines Day Camp in Hopewell, NJ as the Apple Computer counselor.  I was honored by having the room named after me.  When I first started at the camp we were using Apple II + computers with 48K of RAM


I am also a Cancer Survivor having been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma back in February 2006. I remained in partial remission because of the excellent care I have received at RWJ Cancer Center @ Hamilton NJ and a very expensive oral chemo drug called Revlimid for almost eight years before being taken off this drug. The initial cost of this oral drug without health insurance would have been over $24,000.00 and that was for just one month's supply!


Unfortunately I had to fight another battle, this time with AML (Leukemia) now added to the list. I am grateful to the doctors and nurses (angels) at Rutgers RWJ Medical Center in New Brunswick, NJ for the care I have received. I am presently under remission and am trying to enjoy my retirement.



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Ric and Joey

“Joey the Clown” was purchased by my mom from Kresge’s 5 &10  department store in downtown Trenton, NJ.  Kresge’s was a precursor to K-Mart.  My mom paid $7.00 for him.  I received him on January 1, 1957.

Ronnie Joey and Ricky


The first of four chemo treatments, the assimilation mask used to hold my neck in place for the radiation treatments, and then the surgery to repair my neck. I wore three different neck braces for over 8 months. Not fun!


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